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I am like your football coach.  Your wins, just like on the field, are mine too! So I make it my mission to bring the best inside of you, you didn't even know you had.  Cause I want us to win baby! My clients come to me for straight talk, no chaser to see significant growth in their work. 

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Private Coaching

I am an actress that has been on many shows you may recognize such as, "Modern Family", "Superstore", and "Community"; and have been nominated for best actress in a Comedy Series by the Vision Awards for my own show. After building up enough credits to be a member of the illustrious Television Academy and becoming an Emmy voter, I have realized I have amassed so much knowledge that I feel its my calling to help others reach their acting goals.


I love coaching people to find all the layers and colors in their audition scene. I truly get so much joy from helping people land the roles of their dreams. Let me help you ace that audition! Your audition is your time to shine; and I make it my priority to help you stand out!

VOICEOver Animation Private Coaching

As a VO Artist, I have been recurring on Nickelodeon’s "The Loud House", as well as Netflix’s "Pinky Malinky", and get called in regularly by these channels. I have also voiced Video Games like "Destruction All-Stars" for PS5.


Most people think in animation, you only need an interesting or funny voice, when in fact you must develop a character before you can even begin to think about vocal delivery. With only our voices and imaginations, we voice actors must deliver not just an entertaining voice, but the personalities behind them. It’s still Acting first! So I use my skills to teach you how to bring your unique flavor and build a character for each role.


Group Animation Classes available.

Go to to learn more. 


What Some Stars have to say about me...

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And Stars in the Making...

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Level up your reads

Option A

  • $110 for 1 hour session

Pricing & Info


Option B

  • 5 (1 hour sessions for $425.  ONLY $85 per session).

  • Most people pick this option as these 5 sessions can be used at anytime. And is the most cost effective.   

  • Some of my students come to me once a week and treat it like an ongoing class.  This is the best way to see the most improvement and keep your skills sharp!

  • Some may need to use two sessions in one day if they have something big they need to prepare for.

  • Veteran actors might use them less frequently.

  • Priority scheduling if  you get a last minute audition you want to work with me on. Message me and I will always do my best to fit you in. 

  • No rescheduling penalty.  We are all actors, so I'm always flexible with my students as we never know when auditions and bookings may arise.

  • Package purchase non-refundable since sessions can be used at anytime.

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