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brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant! BRILLIANT!! I love you. You're such a good actor. -- Bob Bergen

Great comic timing. You are very good at your job. -- Gary Marcus, First AD known for Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

We are so excited...we are obviously BIG fans of Angela.
Howard Meltzer, Disney Casting Director

You remind me of Goldie Hawn.
Charlie Adler

You're very funny. You should do this for a living. -- Billy ray Cyrus

My newest favorite actress. -- Fan

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Nominated with Tonye Patano, Sheryl Underwood, and Oscar Winner Mo'Nique

Nominated best actress in a Comedy Series

by the Vision Awards

I love my acting and voiceover work.  I am so lucky to be a working actress in Hollywood.  But did you know I have sung in a group that has opened for Carnie Wilson twice and love playing my purple ukulele!


Besides performing, I have a passion for fun, colorful fashion and most of all, a resounding love for my three dogs!    Some day I hope to eventually open my own doggie training & rescue.



Angela Malhotra On Camera Reel

Angela Malhotra On Camera Reel

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I'm Also a Voice Acting Coach

I will help you elevate your 



As a VO Artist, I have been recurring on Nickelodeon’s "The Loud House", as well as Netflix’s "Pinky Malinky", and get called in regularly by these channels. I have also voiced Video Games like "Destruction All-Stars" for PS5.


Most people think in animation, you only need an interesting or funny voice, when in fact you must develop a character before you can even begin to think about vocal delivery. With only our voices and imaginations, we voice actors must deliver not just an entertaining voice, but the personalities behind them. It’s still Acting first! So I use my skills to teach you how to bring your unique flavor and build a character for each role.

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Private Coaching Available


Angela is a rockstar! I'm so happy there is a place to write an actual review! What I've encountered so far in my pursuit of being a voice actor is that JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE CAN ACT DOES NOT MEAN THEY CAN TEACH! I've had to learn that expensive lesson the hard way unfortunately, so I definitely wouldn't be giving 5 stars if I didn't think it was very well deserved! Angela isn't just going to let you get off easy, but she's not rude or condescending either.  You can tell that she has a real love for & is passionate about acting & the process of getting someone to a point where they can become a character and be believable to whomever is watching. Another thing I've noticed is that she doesn't seem to base her opinions on how she would have portrayed the character, she wants you to do the work and interpret the script in the way that is most authentic to you. Plus, she's just overall a sweet soul. I 100% would recommend that you give her a try as a coach! Even if you just start with one test session, just to see if you vibe with her style, you won't regret it!



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